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My Immigration Story of Canada PR

Immigration story of Canada PR

The Beginning

As I sat back and relaxed during this particular isolation period of my life (Thanks to COVID-19), I browsed through all the immigration stories to Canada to pass my time. That’s when I realized that my journey of becoming a Canada PR has also been one heck of a roller coaster Canada PR story.

So, I decided to pen down my success story of Canada immigration and thereby hope that someone who is struggling with all the crucial decisions I had to take during my immigration process, finds solace in the fact that he or she is not alone. So here is my Immigration story to Canada, added to all the wonderful immigration stories already out there.

Canadian Dream

So, you might wonder why we decided to immigrate to Canada? Our top reasons for choosing to immigrate to Canada on PR:

  • Canada is a multicultural country which embraces all their immigrants and respects all the different
  • Cultures that the immigrants bring to their country.
  • Canada values skilled newcomers who will support and develop their economy.
  • Canada is known for its natural beauty, landscapes, mountains, and lakes.
  • Canada respects your fundamental human rights and gives you an excellent business opportunity.
  • Canada has a world-class healthcare system as well as an excellent education system.
  • Last but not the least, Canadian citizens are the nicest people in the world and will always greet you with a smile even if you are a stranger to them.
Looking at the new world

Let me start my story from the beginning. I was a regular nineties kid born and brought up in India. I had been an average student all my life and settled in my 9-5 job routine. It wasn’t like my life was not right here in India, nor would I always dream of immigrating abroad. Of course, I had some friends and colleagues who had settled abroad and who used to share their wonderful immigration stories about how their lives changed 360 degrees because they decided to immigrate. I heard their immigration stories, but I guess it all just got buried with the other drama happening in my life. I got married to a fantabulous person, and life continued to weave its own story for me.

After a few years, I guess both me and my partner came to a point in our lives when we started questioning ourselves, “Are we on the right track here? Is there more to achieve in life?” You can say that maybe it was at that precise moment, a sense of adventure beckoned us to go out of our comfort zone and explore new opportunities to create our own story. In the last few years, we had made sure that we traveled out of India or within India at least once a year. Travelling was a passion shared by us, and we dreamt of visiting as many places as possible in our lifespan. Every trip of ours ended with us planning to save for the next one. So obviously, when we thought of a new adventure, the first thing that appealed to both of us was immigrating and settling abroad to give a further boost to both our careers and, at the same time, start our lives anew.

Of course, the prospect was scary, but at the same time, it was exciting. Our list included Australia, Canada, Dubai, Switzerland, and a few other countries. And when you have a list, the best way to pick a winner is by making another list of pros and cons. We finally zeroed in to immigrate to Canada after a lot of research and for all the reasons listed above. Yes, we were aware that the biggest con was that Canada is super cold, at least for us Indians, but the advantages looked so much better than the disadvantages. You can always fight the cold with a good winter jacket and gloves, but where will you get a community where people are so kind and polite to you. So, Canada, it was, and we were super excited at the prospect. Now, all we needed to take our immigration story ahead, was to know the steps of getting a Canada PR.

So, that was the backstory of how we began our journey to become permanent residents of Canada. It is a long story with a lot of ups and downs, so stay tuned for the next chapter โ€“ The Preparation.

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4 thoughts on “My Immigration Story of Canada PR”

  1. Hey Bhushan, Was nice to read your story. When can I expect you to write the rest of your experience.

    Also as an Indian, how are you coping with constant -30deg days in Calgary.

    I have an Australian PR, but im still considering Calgary, Canada but just the weather part is frightening.

    How did u guys adjust to the cold weather. Do u get used to it eventually or is it frustrating at times.

    Looking forward to hearing more abt ur experiences.

    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hello Gautam. I am glad you found my blog interesting. I would be writing about my experiences as well as my journey of becoming the PR of Canada in my new site http://www.canadaandme.com which caters to interested readers like you.

      Kindly consider subscribing to my mailing list http://eepurl.com/g97ti1 so that you don’t have to keep checking my site for any new articles. I will mail you when I write more ๐Ÿ™‚

      To answer your question, I would say that even though Calgary or any other part of Canada is known for its cold weather you would have to keep in mind that there is a large population of Indians and other immigrants living here. Most of the places including apartments are well insulated with amazing infrastructure and transportation facilities. I had to shop for some good jackets as well after coming here! So living here is not an issue as it’s beautiful and also taxes are quite less in Calgary as compared to other provinces!

      Do let me know if you have any other questions Gautam and consider sharing this article if you found it useful. Take care!

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