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What Documents are required for WES Evaluation

WES document checklist

Documents Required for WES evaluation

During the course of your Canada PR journey, there will be many who will advise you to go through an immigration consultancy service. There are many in every city of India and charge a bomb for guiding you. Honestly, I was tempted to do the same, but the Canadian Government has such great step by step information on filing your PR application that I decided to take the risk and do all the documentation on my own. So, the next step in attaining my Canadian PR dream was to get my educational documents evaluated by WES.

Now, like always, I am a Google addict and thus began my extensive research for the required documents to be sent from India for WES evaluation. The first step was to open an account on the WES Canada portal: https://www.wes.org/ca/ . Once you register and pay your fees online, you will get a WES Reference number which is a very important number. There is a lot of information about documents required for WES evaluation on their website but my blog will help you with clear guidance pertaining to sending required documents to WES from India.

Like I mentioned in my previous post that I was from Mumbai so my WES documentation process would revolve around Mumbai University. I guess the process remains more or less the same for other cities as well. I have listed the various steps that you need to follow before sending the required documents to WES for evaluation from India:

Step 1: Degree Marksheet Evaluation:

Degree mark sheets are the most important (i.e. first, second, and third-year mark sheets from degree college). Don’t even bother about your school and junior college mark sheets.

Step 2: Photocopies of Important Documents:

Make 3 photocopies of all the degree mark sheets and your final degree convocation certificate (if you have one).

Step 3: Attestation of Marksheets

Go to your college and get the mark sheets for all the years attested. After you do that, approach the administrative office in your college and inform them that you would like to apply for transcripts for each year for your WES evaluation. All the colleges are aware of this process as they have done the same in the past for other students wishing to go abroad.

Step 4: Applying for Transcripts in College

Your college will ask you to submit an application to apply for your college transcripts. Every college has its own procedure so you will have to abide by it. After making the application they will let you know the date by when you can come and collect your transcripts.

Step 5: Getting Transcripts and sealing in Green Envelopes

You go to your college on the designated day to collect your transcripts. Make sure that you take a green envelope with you. Check the transcript and verify its accuracy. Once you are satisfied, carefully fold one set of the transcript (colleges usually give you around 3 sets), put it neatly inside the green envelope, and ask the college staff to seal the envelope using glue. Then, in order to avoid any tampering, the college staff will have to stamp the college wet seal in three places where the envelope is sealed. Now bid adieu to your college as their role has been completed for your WES evaluation.

Step 6: Get Marksheets attested by Mumbai University

The most important step is to now get your mark sheets and transcripts attested by the Mumbai university. The University office is located next to Sydenham College (Mumbai). The process is not difficult. You just have to make sure that you have two sets of your mark sheet copies, transcripts from college, convocation certificate copy with you.

Try to reach there by 8:00 a.m. to get your token number. Around 10:00 a.m., they will give you application forms to be filled out. You need to take your original mark sheets with you which will be verified with the copies and given back to you. Just like in the previous step, take a green envelope that had the WES address printed and stuck on it. After submitting copies of mark sheets and college transcript to the university, pay the appropriate fees, and then collect the attested documents after about 20 days. You can check the University website http://mu.ac.in/portal/gateway-fortal/department-of-students-welfares/ to know if your WES documents are ready for collection. During collection, again verify if all the attestations have been done and get the envelope sealed along with the wet University stamps so that the envelope cannot be tampered.

WES is very particular about the envelopes that are submitted to them so make sure that the envelope should not be tampered from any side. Hence, it is very important that the envelopes are sealed well and the stamps have been applied to the envelope. You have to make sure that your WES reference number and the WES address are mentioned on all the envelopes before you send the documents to WES from India via courier.

Additional Tips to Courier Marksheet while saving money:

FedEx gives a promotional discount for documents sent to University, College, Education Institutions (it includes WES) outside India. I sent my required documents for WES evaluation using their promotional service and it was so much cheaper. So, do contact FedEx customer service to inquire about their discount offers before you send your documents to WES. My documents were delivered in 48 hours to WES.

It took WES around a month to complete their evaluation for my documents and to generate the final report. It was honestly a very smooth process. My only advice will be to pay attention to every tiny detail so there is no back and forth of sending documents to WES and it all gets done in the very first attempt. One hurdle (WES) crossed successfully and now it was time to jump the next hurdle. You guessed it right! Time for IELTS preparation. To know the tips and tricks to pass IELTS with flying colors, stay tuned for my next blog.

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