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Why do Indians Immigrate to Canada?


In order to understand the benefits of immigrating to Canada for India, we must first understand the reasons behind the need for immigration. We Indians are very accommodating people and learn to find happiness in all the small things that we do. Our dreams usually revolve around us living a happy life in our own spacious home, working in our dream job, healthy and safe life for us, and our children.

Quite often, for us to turn our dreams into reality requires us to move to a metropolitan city in India in search of a job that will fulfill all our requirements. Life in metropolitan cities is not as glamorous as it is shown in Bollywood movies. The bumper to bumper traffic, pollution, heavily populated areas, stressful work hours, school/college fees, the small yet expensive homes, expensive medical bills all start taking a toll on your life. You forget all about your dreams and join the crazy rat race only to retire in your 60’s and wonder what went wrong with your life and how did the time slip away from your hands. Humans are social beings and we need to connect and mingle with other members in our community for our social development. We have to agree that the kind of lifestyle we are leading these days in India leaves little to no time for us to spend with our loved ones.

The moment we have a self-realization of all the above issues is when we start looking at alternatives. Some people make amendments to their dreams and go to smaller towns to escape the craziness of the big cities whereas some determined souls decide that it is time for them to immigrate to a country like Canada to achieve their dreams but not at the cost of their self-development.

What are the benefits of Canadian PR for Indians?

When you ask the reason for immigrating to Canada for most Indians, the most common answer you will receive is a good lifestyle. Unlike popular belief, Indians don’t move to Canada for earning in dollars because if you are earning in dollars then you are also spending in dollars. Canada gives you a good work-life balance which overall helps you to achieve your dreams. I have listed a few benefits of having a Canadian PR for Indians.

1. Safe Haven with Less Population:

Considering that Canada is the second-largest country in the world with an approximate population of 3.76 crores compared to India’s 135 crores, you know that there is no dearth of space in Canada. Canada has a large number of parks ranging from small neighborhood parks to large national parks. These parks help you to relax, spend time with nature, and help with your mental, spiritual, and physical health.

With less population, a considerable number of problems cease to exist, such as traffic, petty theft, mugging, overcrowding of public transport, risk of late-night traveling for women. In fact, Canada has been voted as the 6th safest country in the world in the 2019 Global Peace Index. Though that doesn’t mean that Canada does not have any crimes at all, however, the percentage of crimes is much less in Canada than India.

2. Job Opportunities in Canada for Indians:

Canada is known to have an economy that is growing very fast and brings in a lot of jobs in the market for new immigrants. There are various fields to choose from which has resulted in Canada being a top choice for many Indians to immigrate. The salary in India varies from employer to employer and there is no concept of the minimum wage. In Canada, the government makes sure that you don’t suffer from getting less pay by the implementation of minimum wage policy. Thus, ensuring fair salaries and great quality of life in Canada.

Canadians believe in working hard and value dedicated and passionate employees which are a quality you will always find in Indians. We just need the right opportunity and resources to perform a job to the best of our ability. Well educated Indian graduates with a good command over English can definitely make a place for themselves in the Canadian job market.

There is a high demand in various conventional fields in Canada such as oil and gas industries, banking, healthcare, construction, and infrastructure. At the same time, Canada has also seen a boom in the Tech sector with many employers looking for highly skilled Indian tech professionals in the technological industry. Digital marketing is also making huge strides in the Canadian digital space making many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) professionals very sought after by Canadian companies. There will be an estimated increase of 25% in the video game industry of Canada in the next two years. So, Gamers in India, this is the perfect time to immigrate to Canada to take your game up a notch.

3. Work-Life Balance in Canada for Indians

The concept of work-life balance has been lost somewhere in its implementation in the Indian workplace. You will be told that you are required to work for 8-9 hours every day for five days. But in reality, the basic mindset is that the more hours you spend in your office is directly proportional to know if you are a hardworking employee or not.  Canadian employers respect the concept of work-life balance and do not overburden their employees. They adhere to the 40 hour per week employment standard and don’t ask you to wait beyond your office time. They understand that you have a life beyond the office and make sure that the employee is able to strike a right balance between their personal and professional life.

People who live in the metropolitan cities in India are acutely aware of the traffic situation in these regions. Every working person spends at least 3 hours on an average stuck in traffic every day. Comparatively, because of low population, the traffic in Canada is way less and is extremely orderly. You don’t spend hours on the road in Canada, thus you use up the saved commute time either with family or friends. All cities and towns have a well-established public transportation system with many ways to travel such as bus, train, subway, streetcars.

4. Medical and Healthcare Coverage

Canada has a universal health care system under which all Canadian citizens and Permanent residents don’t have to pay for most health care and hospital services. The cost of health care is shared by the tax payers. The main thought of giving access to health care based on need rather than to only those you have the ability to pay is the foundation of this health care system. Each province in Canada has their own healthcare coverage program. The standard of healthcare is excellent in Canada with state-of-the-art facilities and is quite accessible to everyone. So, in all it is a matter of pride for all Canadians that no one is left behind when it comes to availing medical services. Though, you might have to invest in a private health insurance which covers services such as eye care, dental, prescription drugs. Most of the times, your employer might cover the cost of premium for this type of insurance.

5. Free Education for your Children

Canada provides free education to all children until the age of 18 years. This covers the primary and secondary education until the end of high school (grade 12) in Canadian public-school system. The quality of education provided is top-notch. Their mode of providing education is via interactive and supportive learning for the kids. They have exceptional teachers imparting education in the schools. You don’t have to worry about spending any money while your children study in established schools with modern take on education. This is beneficial to a lot of new immigrants traveling with children to Canada in terms of their budgetary needs.

6. Multicultural and Welcoming Society

Canada is a multicultural society where the Canadian citizens encourage and welcome people of different cultures to be a part of their Canadian society. This gives rise to harmony between people of different races and ethnicities. This kind of multiculturism makes it easier for Indians to settle in Canada as we come from a culture rich society and would like for our family to thrive in a safe and welcome society.

The immigration process plays an important part in the development of Canada. The Canadian Government is more than happy to welcome highly educated and technically skilled Indians into their community. The various immigration programs introduced for qualified people makes it easier for Indians to obtain permanent residency of Canada. Canadians are the friendliest people in the world and will lend you a helping hand if you need assistance. Canada has a large Indian community so you don’t have to worry about missing Indian food as there are many Indian restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

7. Social Services and Social Security Benefits

The Canadian Government is highly invested in social security benefits and social services for Canadians. You can utilize and benefit from various government schemes such as old age security pension, basic pension, subsidies, unemployment insurance, tax benefits for families, healthcare and child benefits. Social assistance is provided for people who are unable to work due to medical reasons. Prescription medicines are provided at a subsidized rate to pensioners and people with low income. Tax benefits and monthly payment is provided to each child under 18 years of age in Canada.

As a permanent resident, you have the rights to avail all the above benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

8. Facilities provided by the Canadian Government

Besides the Social Services benefits, there are many other facilities that are provided by the Canadian Government to its citizens and PR (Permanent Residency) holders.

These include offering programs to assist and subsidize existing and new businesses by giving them loans to expand their business. New immigrants can attend advanced courses in English or French for free. The Federal Government has a Foreign Credential Recognition Program which helps internationally trained individuals to get job opportunities in their own field. They also have programs that provide incentives, training and resources to help skilled immigrants get recruitment and internship programs provided by Canadian employers.

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